Seowon University Graduate School of Education
Seowon University Graduate School of Education
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Seowon University has a Graduate School of Education as well as a College of Education. The Graduate School of Education in Seowon University provides opportunities for students who are interested in exploring various fields and want to learn more in-depth in their fields of interest.

This school consists of sixteen different majors and requires five semesters of evening classes on Tuesday and Thursday. Students with bachelor’s degrees from domestic or foreign universities and those recognized by the Minister of Education are eligible to apply, regardless of their majors.More detailed information on how to apply and the schedule can be found on the website of Seowon University’s Graduate School of Education.

To get additional information not included on the website, The Seowon News interviewed Choi Sang-hoon, a History Education Professor who is the dean of the graduate school.

- The Seowon News (SN): How many students are currently attending Graduate Schools of Education?
- Choi Sang-hoon (CSH): As of May 14, 108 students are attending the school.

- SN: What is the average grade point average (GPA) to pass?
- CSH: In the case of college grades, the GPA has a relatively small impact on acceptance. Also, the average GPA changes every semester. Currently, our graduate school puts a lot of emphasis on interviews for postgraduate programs. So, interview scores actually affect acceptance more than university grades.

- SN: If students want to attend the Graduate School of Education, do they have to have a teacher’s certificate?
- CSH: When becoming a student in our school, a teaching certificate is not required. However, since it is an educational institution in charge of postgraduate functions, additional credits will be given to applicants who have teaching qualifications.

- SN: If you want to say something to students who want to enter this school, please say something.
- CSH: If you feel that you are lacking in your studies while attending undergraduate school, you can choose to go to the graduate school for deeper research. Also, if you want to study areas that you didn’t major in during undergraduate school, you can choose a minor. However, you should know that you cannot obtain a teacher’s certificate because its curriculum does not have a teacher training function.

Nevertheless, those who wish to continue studying are welcome at any time. So, if you want to enter the Graduate School of Education at Seowon University, please contact this school.

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