About Time: A Still Loved Movie
About Time: A Still Loved Movie
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(Distributor - Universal Pictures) Movie About Time poster
(Distributor - Universal Pictures) Movie About Time poster


The spread of COVID-19 has restricted the opportunities for people to visit movie theaters. Therefore, most of the new movies have been delayed. CJ Golden Village (CGV), one of the leading movie companies, started the 'Someone’s Life Film Project' on March 5, 2020. This project was carried out by accepting the opinions of the public as much as possible and selecting films to be re-released. Due to this, many previously released films were re-released, one of which was 'About Time'.

'About Time' received much love when it was released in Korea in 2013, receiving a high score of 9.17 among users’ ratings involving 14,417 people. Still, people's love for this film continues with it being selected as one of the TOP 10 re-released movies. The re-released 'About Time' drew more than 20,000 viewers and received good responses.

The procedure of how people fall in love is described emotionally in this movie. To briefly state the plot, Tim who has been single since birth finds out that he has the ability to turn back time through his father on the day he becomes an adult. Later, on his way to London, he happens to meet a woman named Mary and falls in love at first sight. So, he confesses his clumsy but steady love to her with the ability to turn back time. Eventually, they become lovers. There are some scenes depicting the difficulties of going through such a process.

According to Naver Movie, Kim Hyung-suk, a film journalist, said, "Time cannot be reversed. I have no choice but to be persuaded by the lesson about life that is described by this movie". Also, Lee Hee-bin, a Seowon University student, said, "It seemed sweet to watch Tim try to be good to Mary and his family members through time traveling. It was a heartwarming movie".
'About Time' is a movie that allows viewers to realize the importance of time spent with their loved ones.

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