Students’ Lives inside the Mok-min-gwan Go-shi-won Style Dormitory
Students’ Lives inside the Mok-min-gwan Go-shi-won Style Dormitory
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Seowon University’s National Test Supporting Center (NTSC) provides Seowon University students with a Go-shi-won style dormitory. This dormitory building has the name ‘Mok-min-gwan’ and the accommodation is provided to students who are preparing for state examinations such as the civil service exam or the teacher recruitment exam.

The service is typically offered to third or fourth grade students. The facility itself is based on a single room shared by four people and all dormitory expenses are provided free to selected students.

However, some students are excluded from applying for the service. For instance, those who have exceeded given semesters are not eligible for the scholarship. Additionally, students who have been expelled from the NTSC due to a violation of the rules are not allowed to attend. Therefore, students who wish to stay in the facility should ensure that they meet these criteria.

Also, students who wish to use the service should submit their applications and transcripts together. The NTSC selects students by comprehensively considering the average credit, whether they are to take the state-specialized qualification exam, the ratio of each student’s department, among other factors.

The Seowon News interviewed with Byun Eun-bi, a student of English Education, who has been living in this accommodation since last year. When being asked to explain the best thing about living here, she said that unlike other dormitories, expenses are exempted and a reading room on the fourth floor is provided, so that she can receive support and management for her studies.

She added that her roommates are typically preparing for the same goal, so it is good to support each other and get closer.

In addition, on being asked about any inconvenience, she said, "Since I have been living in a four-person room, there is some inconvenience due to the sharing with others facilities like a wardrobe, refrigerator, storage space, and drying rack".

However, she said that she is satisfied with her life there because there are more positives rather than uncomfortable factors.

In conclusion, students who are preparing for big tests can get a chance to study with financial assistance at the Mok-min-gwan Go-shi-won style dormitory here at Seowon University.

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