Teaching Practices Changed by COVID-19
Teaching Practices Changed by COVID-19
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Because of the COVID-19, the existing face-to-face teaching practice changed its appearance to 'online teaching practice'.

On April 10, in 2019, the Ministry of Education notified each university that students in the College of Education would observe, assist, and operate through remote classes.

To find out the real experience of students teaching practice, The Seowon News interviewed two students attending the College of Education in Cheong-ju. The first to be interviewed was Kim Jun-hyuk, a Seowon University student who is in the department of Ethics Education.

The Seowon News asked him about his perspective on the online teaching practices. He organized his observation into three major aspects. 

The first, special lectures by school teachers, including a principal and vice principal, took place twice a week. This special lecture covered the understanding of school sites, how to prepare official documents, and how to consult students on practical aspects of teaching.

Secondly, teachers in service allowed trainee teachers to prepare the major subjects' classes for the students so that they could see the online lectures. He conducted moral classes for junior high school students.

Lastly, the school allowed the trainee teachers to conduct classes once in front of other teachers in order to create an environment as similar as possible to those between students.

The Seowon News conducted an interview with another student, who will be referred to as Student A for anonymity, who is currently a senior in English Education at Korea National University of Education. According to her, the teaching practice was previously planned for two weeks of non-face-to-face and two weeks of face-to-face with students, but it changed into the entire four weeks of non-face-to-face online practice due to the COVID-19 situation getting worse.

Subsequently, the two students were asked how they felt about the changed teaching practice. Kim Jun-hyuk said, "It was a pity that because of COVID-19 we couldn't meet the students because the first day of school was delayed". He added, "I was looking forward to the period of teaching practice, but I'm so sorry that I couldn’t interact with students because of this situation".

Student A said, "The saddest thing is that I couldn't make memories with students because of the online practice. Also, as it is a transitional period in which all platforms are being converted from offline to online, many problems happened from the lack of a complete system".

Through the interviews of these two students, it is clear that trainee teachers experienced a lot of frustration with their teaching practice being conducted online.

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