Young People and the Elderly Are at Risk of Acquiring Dementia
Young People and the Elderly Are at Risk of Acquiring Dementia
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In February 2020, in Cheong-ju, a man in his 60’s suffocated his sleeping wife to death. She was a dementia patient. He said the reason for the murder was to alleviate the pressure his children experienced, as his wife’s dementia symptoms continued to worsen. This sad scenario illustrates how the disease of dementia can lead to caregivers making bad choices, even if they are family members. In this situation, the elderly are the dementia patients, however, nowadays, young people can be the patients too.

There are many types of dementia. Alzheimer’s dementia, where the main symptom is memory loss, is the most prevalent among the aged. However, young people in their 20's and 30's can also acquire dementia. Nowadays, the caution of early dementia is being shared to educate everyone. In fact, the new word 'Youngzheimer' was coined because the number of young dementia patients increased by more than 60 percent from 2005 to 2009. Therefore, the youth is no longer exempt from getting this disease.

Dementia is not a completely incurable disease. In the book 'Happy Old Age without Concern of Dementia', Professor Han Seol-hee stressed the possibility of early treatments and the importance of early detection of dementia. Also, he stated, "Two out of ten dementia patients can be treated, and the remaining eight can also be prevented from becoming worse if they are properly treated".

As such, people should actively test for early detection to help prevent this disease from becoming worse.

The Seowon News asked students attending Seowon University what they thought about youth dementia. Most of the students said that they had heard of youth dementia, but they did not know the seriousness of it. And the students added, "It seems that dementia is a more frightening disease than cancer. It's a disease that makes people slowly lose all relationships and memories. So, it causes great pain not only to patients but also to people around them".

Although there is a possibility of treating dementia, it is still a terror to everyone regardless of age.

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