Let's Look into Seowon Department
Let's Look into Seowon Department
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Learn about Seowon’s Bio-cosmetic Department

The Bio-cosmetics department, which focuses on chemistry and biology, was established in 2013. Classes are divided into two parts, theory and practice. Bio-cosmetics starts with basic theory classes for new students, so the curriculum is designed to make it easy for non-scientific students to engage in the classes. As the grade rises, classes are focusing on the intensive course and practical class.

Practical classes include a wide variety of courses such as sensitivity evaluation, safety evaluation, clinical evaluation, manufacturing, equipment analysis, hue, quality control, and research development of cosmetics.

Those practical classes are mostly held in the laboratory. Since the products are made by students themselves in classes, they are used directly and compared. It is easy for anyone to understand by directly looking at the products whether or not the students understood the theory. They are also able to participate in the classes with interest.

Seowon University student president of Bio-cosmetics Kim Jae-min shared his story with us below.

Kim Jae-min of Bio-cosmetics
[Picture] Kim Jae-min of Bio-cosmetics


From freshman to student president.

As a freshman in 2015, the department of Bio-cosmetics was a department where the mood at first was a little harsh. However, after doing various outdoor activities, I had many opportunities to get to know my seniors and people from other departments. After spending the year in such a frenzy, I joined the army. When I left the army and came back, the school had changed a lot. I listened major classes with my classmates who entered in 2017, but I did not know how I spent the year adjusting to the atmosphere of classes and the professors.

A year later, I became a junior. In order to become more involved in the department, I decided to assume the responsibilities of the president and vice president of the academic society with a close senior friend. In order to get rid of the oppressive atmosphere, I chose to participate in the 'Membership Training (MT) talent-show' which consisted of volunteers. Starting with such small efforts, I worked hard to create a department in which senior and junior students could talk about their problems and give advice to each other.

As a result, many senior-junior relationships have improved. However, I am currently working hard as the president of the department to improve the atmosphere for students who feel different.

Also, we are promoting the department through a YouTube channel called 'Cosmot'. The program is being run so that students can learn more about the subject by Q&A through the channels.

You can also decide your career path by working directly in the field you want through internship training. Although it is not currently in operation, it also offers a wide range of career choices under the guidance of professors, such as volunteer majors and start-up clubs. Through these activities, we can help you find the right group more easily.

Looking back, I think about my busy school life, and the first grade is the most memorable. But, many projects have been scattered because of the COVID-19 disruption. The new students are more frustrated than anyone else.

Therefore, I am thinking of various plans such as running MT in the second semester, so students will have a chance to participate and be happy.

Also, Bio-cosmetics is a department with many women and only a few men. So, people think men are uncomfortable. However, I think that there are more advantages to being a man in this department rather than disadvantages. In particular, men are easily united. Many companies prefer men because there are few men in this field. Everyone can get a job depending on how hard you work. It is an equal opportunity working field.

The professors are all very careful of their students, so they always try to find the paths they want to pursue through 'SU Career Coaching'. If you have any other personal questions or concerns about Bio-cosmetics, talk with anyone in the department, and they would be happy to answer your questions.

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