Innovation at Amazon
Innovation at Amazon
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These days, delivery and ordering services through the Internet have become an increasingly important part of our lives. Home delivery services have become especially important since COVID-19 paralyzed economic activity. Many people nowadays are more uncomfortable about going out physically to restaurants and stores. They are thus more reluctant to use services that do not utilize Internet delivery sites. As with the phrase, 'Our lives from now on will be divided into the before and after of COVID-19', the existing online shopping system has likewise changed too.

As a consequence of these changes, Amazon in the U.S. has introduced a cashier-less payment system to its 'Amazon Go' convenience stores and also its 'Amazon Go Grocery' outlets. Amazon's 'Just Walkout', an unmanned payment system, automatically charges the customers' credit cards when they take their products out of the store.

Amazon has created a website to share information about shopping more conveniently using 'Just Walkout' and this provides detailed information about the technology to interested retailers.

Consumers only need to install a mobile application on their phones. In turn, this means they do not need to wait in line at the counter for payment, thus reducing labor costs and allowing shopping 24 hours a day.

In this way, Amazon has developed a system that applies computer vision technology, camera sensors, and other technological innovations to automatically recognize the products that consumers choose and pay for without the need for additional calculation or effort.

Besides this, Amazon is attempting to deploy a variety of innovative challenges. These include drone deliveries to further simplify the process of delivery, the idea of using more environmentally-friendly electric vehicles, and a 'Launch-pad' for startup companies. Korean society needs more innovative technological steps like these to improve things in the 'post COVID-19' age.

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