Find a Part-time Job Related to Your Future Career
Find a Part-time Job Related to Your Future Career
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According to a survey of university students by 'Albamon', seven out of ten university students are looking for part-time work. Many people now consider a part-time job as a stepping stone to preparing for future working life by experiencing various work duties and building up their own work experiences.

Albamon, a job-seeking application that many people use to find part-time jobs, has a separate banner called 'Part-time job for career'. If you want to apply for a position in advertising publicity, you could try to find a part-time job in a Public-relations agency. By carrying out basic research and writing articles, you could potentially get a job position related to advertising.

If you like to play games and want to work in the game industry, there are also part-time jobs for testing new games. Also, if you want to do research and development work, part-time jobs in areas such as experiment support and equipment management will help you with your path and career.

At some companies, a part-time job can be a gateway to preferential treatment in the future. Major companies such as CJ Group, McDonald's Korea, and Special Purpose Company (SPC) have several types of stores that offer such opportunities. In the case of a part-time job in such a company, there is the potential to obtain extra points in a future interview or be able to pass an initial recruitment process more easily, thus leading to an increased chance of a full-time position.

However, when a job portal asked 308 human resource managers what career they do not want to see on a résumé, the part-time job work experience was selected as the top answer. The reason for this was, "It is not necessary unless it has anything to do with the work duties involved". A large proportion of the respondents added, "It can seem like they are just trying to fill their résumés".

In fact, this survey signifies a part-time job that has nothing to do with your dream job. However, the part-time job can help people to get closer to the job that they want to work in the future.

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