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Get Ready to Know What is New
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The Growing Popularity of Alternative Nutritional Food Products
A food that can replace a meal
[Infographic = By reporter, Jang Si-won] A food that can replace a meal


In June, when the summer begins, people sometimes change their daily patterns and eating habits through various diet methods they know or learn about.

Those who are busy these days concentrate on the expression 'all in one meal'. This is food that you can use as a substitute for a regular meal. Convenience store lunch boxes and microwave foods were popular in the past. However, these days, future-style alternative foods are attracting attention. These future-style alternative foods are made of powder or jelly and can be eaten easily while moving, without requiring a spoon or side dish at all. They are popular among university students who have a lot of classes and do not have time for a lunch break. They are also popular among businessmen who are busy with their demanding workloads.

Such alternative foods are also popular as dietary products. Many products are sold that give a feeling of satiety, provide key nutrients, but have reduced calories. People who are interested in losing weight often eat alternative foods instead of an ordinary meal.

However, it is just an alternative food. It cannot satisfy all the nutrient needs that can be provided by a balanced meal. So, it is better to eat regular meals rather than rely on alternative products. It is necessary to reduce carbohydrates rather than through extreme food control and to lose weight healthily through light exercise.

Here are some tips you can follow to control your food cravings:

1. Extend the palm of your hand and gently press the part of the hand between the third and fourth fingers slightly with a ballpoint pen. This stimulates the brain and can suppress appetite.

2. The upper part of the middle finger is in charge of the middle finger, the pressure point. Press the upper part firmly for about 3-5 minutes. You will forget to be hungry.

3. On nights when eating too much because of stress, try to practice acupressure first before ordering any food through delivery service. Using the right hand as a standard, gently press the part of the left hand where the wrist begins. A careful application of pressure on this point will help to prevent a stress-induced binge.

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