A Harmful or Helpful Smartphone
A Harmful or Helpful Smartphone
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According to BankMyCell statistics, the number of smartphone users accounts for 70 percent of the total population in South Korea.

In The Economist, a British economy weekly magazine, there is a new word ‘Phono Sapiens’, a compound word of ‘phone’ from Latin and ‘sapiens’ from the Latin word homo sapiens. This word means ‘wise people’ or ‘a new generation of the smartphone.’

This generation is the main force behind the 4th industrial revolution, who has brought about a financial, distribution, and media revolutions. So how do students perceive using smartphones?


[Infographic = By reporter, Kim Eun-seo] Duplexity of using smartphones
[Infographic = By reporter, Kim Eun-seo] Duplexity of using smartphones


More than half of the students at Seowon University think that using smartphones has more advantages than disadvantages. A student in the Department of Korean Education said, “The biggest advantage is that I can easily find information, using my smartphone even instead of my computer”. Also, he added, “In the past, when smartphones were not as popular as they are today, it was much more inconvenient to find information”.

Some students think smartphones have more advantages because they immediately bring convenience such as ordering food, banking operations, and shopping. They feel that smartphones improve the quality of their lives.

However, there are also negative opinions about smartphone use. Typically, there is a problem with smartphone addiction. Recently, the severity of the addiction has increased since infants have been more exposed to smartphones. To see if you rely too much on your smartphone, you can diagnose the addiction through a free survey on the website of the Internet Addiction Prevention Center.

A student in the Department of Trade said, “Because of the long hours of using the smartphone, I have poor eyesight and eye health. Even if I wear glasses, my eyesight continues to deteriorate, and the period I use the glasses is shortened, which will increase financial spending”, worrying about health concerns and financial reasons.

Choi Jae-bung Professor, at Sung-kyun-kwan University, says that people consider smartphones as part of their bodies. We live in a time where smartphones are widely used. Therefore, in an era when it is difficult to get away from smartphones, we should use smartphones carefully and wisely.

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