Abolition of Comments towards Celebrities Draws Mixed Responses
Abolition of Comments towards Celebrities Draws Mixed Responses
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Recently, there has been a series of suicide cases of celebrities and high profile people as a response to malicious comments made towards them by the public on social media. In order to reduce the accidents caused by bad comments, the nation’s top three web sites, Naver, Daum, and Nate, have abolished the comment windows of entertainment articles.

The opinions of people on this change are largely divided into two parts. Some users say that it is excessive to remove the space that serves as a public forum for forming general opinions. However, other groups, including celebrities, argue that the comment window should be abolished to prevent people from dying because of the pain they receive from the comments.

Similarly, the opinions of the students at Seowon University on the topic are also divided. Ahn Su-bin, a student in the English Education Department, said, “I support the abolition of the Internet comment writing system to prevent celebrities from committing suicide due to malicious comments these days”.

She also gave a positive assessment of the effects. She added, “It seems to be effective when the comment boxes are blocked, which are the beginning of the problems, such as celebrity depression and suicide. This system can help to prevent bad things that can happen due to comments”.

In fact, celebrities appear to be relieved and happy because no comments are posted. Many celebrities, including entertainers Ha-ni and Park Myung-soo, are reacting positively, saying they are grateful for the new comment blocking system.

However, there are also opposing opinions. Min Hee-seon, a student at the Department of Education, said there is a negative side, “Because we are exposed to narrow-minded or misinformation”. She added, “In the case of misinformation, the comments were a device that could tell the truth from the falsehood, but if this disappears, there is a higher risk of accepting the article as it is without critical sight”.

She also sees the effects as insignificant. She said, “I think we have to learn the right netiquette and inform the seriousness of personal attacks and defamation using comments rather than simply closing comments”. Currently, more and more people go to other platforms such as YouTube and Africa TV to post malicious comments.

In addition to these opinions, people should have critical sights for the news. Therefore, we should practice learning desirable Internet cultural etiquette first. Also, other news reporters have to be careful about how they use sensational words or titles.

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