'Basic Plus': Students Can Lead the Class
'Basic Plus': Students Can Lead the Class
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During the summer vacation, the Education Innovation Institute of Seowon University conducted a program entitled 'Basic Plus'. The program is a learning-tutoring program in which a professor in charge coaches a small group of students in subjects such as Math, English, writing, and other majors.

When this program was implemented during this summer vacation, a total of 33 students was selected for one Math class, one English class, and three major classes. Participating students were given a team grant, and 70 Creative Useful Kind Innovator (CUKI) mileage points were provided to those who completed more than 80 percent of the total classes. In addition, if the students completed the program, they could gain admittance to the non-subject area.

The Seowon News interviewed Shin Hee-soo, an English Education major student who participated in the program during the summer vacation. She said, "Instead of just participating in the already arranged classes, we discussed and planned the classes ourselves. It was an impressive experience and very pleasing that the members were able to lead the class together successfully". She added, "It was regrettable that the number of classes was too small to say that it had a dramatic impact on our English speaking skills. But I'm grateful and happy to have met unexpectedly good people".

The Education Innovation Institute left a message to students that Basic Plus is a program designed to foster the basic learning skills required by each major. A small number of students participate during a semester or vacation. With this in mind, it is hoped that many more interested students will participate in the future, especially since you can take an informal but special lecture from the professors involved in the classes. If you have any questions regarding the learning support programs, please contact at 043-299-8273.

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