Crews' Uniforms Are Changing Gradually
Crews' Uniforms Are Changing Gradually
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[Infographic 1= By reporter, Hwang Eun-ji] The increasingly changing costumes of crews
[Infographic = By reporter, Hwang Eun-ji] The increasingly changing costumes of crews


When you think of Korean typical female flight attendants' uniforms, you can easily think of H-line skirts, tight blouses, and neatly tied hair. Today, however, female flight attendants' uniforms have been changing over the years.

Aero K Airline, which began its first operation in August this year, introduced 'Gender-less Look'. Gender-less look has a gender-neutral personality, which does not distinguish sex. This breaks away from the stereotyped female crew uniform and creates the uniform that does not emphasize femininity.

This company designed this uniform to emphasize convenience and activity because the crews' original job is to be responsible for passengers' safety. Also, they can wear sneakers, not heels. This airline avoids gender commercialization. They not only allow flight attendants to dress up, but also allow flight attendants to wear glasses and have tattoos, thinking it is the freedom of the individual.

Je-ju Air allowed crews to wear glasses in 2018, and the hair limit was changed to give more individual freedom of choice. Previously, some airlines tried to change the uniforms of female flight attendants. In 2008, Jin Air was the only airline that introduced pants for female crews' uniforms. At first, it was an inconvenience for employees to wear tight jeans, but today the uniform is more flexible and functional.

In 2012, Asiana Airlines' labor union also submitted its opinion to the Human Rights Commission (HRC) that the dress code, which forces female crews to wear skirts, could infringe on flight attendants’ human rights. As a result, the HRC warned Asiana Airlines that their dress code for flight attendants, which allows only skirts to be worn, is gender discrimination and recommended that flight attendants be allowed to choose pants.

As times have changed, many airlines are changing uniforms of female flight attendants, which can be seen as sex commercialization. However, there is still a shortage. In Je-ju Air's 'Rules of Service for Cabin Crews', there are three makeup regulations for male flight attendants, but more than 20 regulations for females.

The crew's greatest responsibility is safety. In the past, uniforms used to be for decoration, but now they are becoming more and more functional and efficient for working. We need to think about what we are losing due to the sex commercialization of women and lookism. Also, we should try to think outside the box.

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