Let's Look into Seowon Department
Let's Look into Seowon Department
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Do You Know about the Seowon's Department of Fire Service Administration?
[Picture] Cho Young-moo of Fire Service Administration
[Picture] Cho Young-moo of Fire Service Administration

The Department of Fire Administration was established at Seowon University in 2019. As demand in the field of fire safety has increased, the need for fire fighting talent training has increased too. It was in line with this development that Seowon University created the Fire Service Administration Department.

The Seowon News interviewed Cho Young-moo, a student president of the Department of Fire Service Administration, to tell us in more detail about the department.


- The Seowon News(SN): What made you enter this department?

- Cho Young-moo(CYM): I can empathize with other people and I have dreamed for a long time about helping people. At the same time, I dreamed of becoming a soldier, a police officer, or a firefighter because I was confident about my excellent physical abilities. Having agonized over three forms of vocation, I was eventually attracted to the job of a firefighter who can help others in more diverse situations. So I then entered the Department of Fire Service Administration to get help in order to achieve my goal.


- SN: What is a good thing about joining this department?

- CYM: Most of the incoming students want to be firefighters and the classes are also focused on training fire officials. Therefore, the curricula are organized into essential subjects for the fire officer test. I think these curricula are big advantages to someone like me who has a firm goal.


- SN: What is the overall atmosphere like in the department? Also, how is it between students and professors?

- CYM: I am currently serving as the president of this department. I am trying to create a friendly and comfortable academic atmosphere by avoiding a coercive environment. Fortunately, I'm satisfied that it's being managed according to my wishes due to the comfortable mood.
Also, unauthoritative professors make a lot of effort to share a deep emotional connection with students.


- SN: How are the professors' classes?

- CYM: The contents of the lectures are highly reliable because the professor, who is a member of the written test for fire officials, conducts the lectures. Also, overall lectures include teaching methods that encourage students to carry out more self-directed learning so that they have the means not to require additional civil service test preparation.


- SN: If you have anything to say to students who want to join this department, please leave a message.

- CYM: If being a firefighter is your dream job, then I am confident that the Department of Fire Service Administration at Seowon University will be of great help to you. I will be waiting for applications from future firefighters. Thank you.


According to data from Statistics Korea, more than 40,000 fires occurred each year from 2010 to 2019. To protect the lives of people from fires that can take their lives, fire experts are essential. Therefore, the Department of Fire Service Administration at Seowon University is striving to foster firefighters who have both fire-fighting expertise and other essential practical skills.

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