The Employment Support Agency
The Employment Support Agency
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[Infographic = By reporter, Jang Si-won] Recommended programs for students at Seowon University
[Infographic = By reporter, Jang Si-won] Recommended programs for students at Seowon University


The Employment Support Agency (ESA) of Seowon University is trying to become a No.1 guide for students and companies to cultivate the first-class talent. Their slogan is 'Lightening the Jobs We Want'. The job support center consists of a job support team, an university job center, a career education center, a start-up support group, a field practice support center, and a national test support center. In particular, the main tasks are career and employment counseling through capacity diagnosis after admission, competency development through participation in comparative programs by grade or level, and customized job matching. It helps students to enter a stable society until one year after graduation.

To find out more about the Employment Support Agency, The Seowon News interviewed Cho Hye-ryeon, a teacher at the Employment Support Agency.


The Seowon News(SN): Could you explain in detail S-Wing 4Up system, an integrated operating system for career, employment, and start-up support unique to Seowon University?

Cho Hye-ryeon(CHR): The Employment Support Agency operates an emergency project among the S-Wing 4Up system, an integrated student support service.

Start-Up consists of career exploration, self-understanding, career diagnosis examination, and mentoring programs and aims to explore students’ self-understanding and career paths.

Grow-Up consists of women's lives and occupations, corporate understanding, and career road maps heard by CEOs. Also, it supports improving student career development, special lectures on employment, and exploration of outstanding companies. It aims to establish career decisions and early career design through students' participation.

The Built-Up phase aims to strengthen job competency and practical competency. It consists of the baptism of competence and profession, the practice of e-Test certificate and core job qualification, job training support, and field practice.

Jump-Up is the final step aimed at providing customized job support and job search support. It consists of an understanding of local companies and employment clubs, Seowon Leaders, One-Day job document lectures, job fair support, and employment camps.


SN: Can you introduce some other activities other than job-linked programs such as other clubs and certificates that help to get a job?

CHR: In addition to direct job-linked programs, the company operates various career development support programs that can fill resumes such as the 'Certificate Acquisition Support Program', which provides a certain amount of support when obtaining a state-certified certificate.

There is an application fee for this support program and an exam fee for the 2020 school year, which allows students to get a certificate and a foreign language score. There is also the Recruit Nomad program that pays regional transportation fees when participating in job fairs, corporate briefings, and visiting companies hoping to meet seniors. It is currently proceeding in a non-face-to-face format due to COVID-19.

As the company has recently verified job competency, we are planning to support students who actively participate in job training online and offline by establishing a job education support program that pays students 200,000 won for education when participating in major-based job training. Also, the government is implementing programs to provide support for participating in contests.


SN: Employment is a problem that all students are paying attention to regardless of what class year they are in. Is there any program you recommend for each class year?

CHR: I recommend students to participate in career counseling programs and mentoring programs that allow first-year students to explore their career paths based on conducting career diagnosis tests.

Based on the career design map and the major-based career setting information, the second-year students have a program to take various special lectures on employment and jobs that can help them make career decisions through experts' and advisors' counseling.

Besides, there are ways to explore various career paths linked to majors by utilizing multiple majors, minor majors, or major track systems.

In the case of third-year students, it is good to select a company based on their major and participate in a program that supports job training, strengthens, and job competency. It is also time to use the vacation to participate in short-term field training. They should seek companies that give them experience in their fields of business, and learn about the kinds of tasks to find interests to better know what companies they want to work for.

For fourth-year students, it is recommended that they strengthen their job competency by participating in job clubs and customized job preparation classes based on job documents. It is a good idea to actively participate in the job camp as it provides various supports for a job application and an interview preparation.


Due to COVID-19, The Employment Support Agency has a non-face-to-face program and counseling operation in principle. If a face-to-face approach is needed, the program and counseling are conducted thoroughly following the operation manual of its own reassurance lecture room and counseling room. The government will conduct a comparative program for students in the second semester based on their opinions. They will give non-face-to-face support to students to prepare documents and help with interview screening.

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