Wearing a Mask to Prevent COVID-19
Wearing a Mask to Prevent COVID-19
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In Korea, people are so interested in masks that the demand sometimes creates shortages. The use of masks is also mandatory when using public facilities such as public transportation and markets meaning the demand for masks is always high.

The Korean government has introduced an application, allowing the public to report incidents involving masks. This has been implemented because of large and frequent disputes between citizens on public transportation where not wearing masks has become more frequent. It is a system that allows people without masks to be reported on by others through the application. However, despite these government efforts to improve public etiquette, there have been 16,000 complaints about unmasked passengers in just 2 months.

This situation is not just occurring in Korea. In July, about 15,000 people were diagnosed with COVID-19 during just one day in Florida, the U.S., which is emerging as a new danger zone for COVID-19. As a result, the U.S. was made aware of its seriousness and belatedly joined the ranks of nations that had made mask-wearing mandatory. President Trump wore a mask, for the first time too, emphasizing in front of the public that wearing a mask is not an option, but a necessity.

However, there have also been anti-mask protests. One restaurant that supports this protest said that they would give free food to customers who do not wear masks.

It is good to insist on individual freedom, but COVID-19 is no longer an individual matter. Also, this is not one country's problem, but a problem that the world must work together on to overcome. Wearing a mask is not for one person, but for the sake of other people and our beloved families.

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