Foundation Free
Foundation Free
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New Trends in Make-up for 2020
[Infographic = By reporter, Jang Si-won] No make-up during COVID-19
[Infographic = By reporter, Jang Si-won] No make-up during COVID-19


Nowadays, everyone walking through the streets is wearing a mask because of the prolonged COVID-19 situation. Let us now take a peek at what is going on inside the mask.

'Foundation Free' is a term coined for modern people who cannot give up either the mask or make-up. This is a make-up method that does not use foundation. The advantage of this approach to make-up is that the foundation does not stain on the mask and it reduces the time needed to prepare.

In response to this trend, The Seowon News asked some students at Seowon University for their opinions on 'Foundation Free Make-up'. First, Park Yu-jin, who studies Advertising and Public Relations said, "I don't need to take the mask off because it is mandatory to wear a mask indoors anyway. Therefore, it is convenient to go out barefaced. Preparation time can be reduced, and frequent problems caused by the mask are solved. That is why I now only do my eye make-up".

Jeong Ye-ji, a student in the Department of Bio-cosmetics, said, "I often watch make-up videos on YouTube, and I had never heard the word 'Foundation Free' before. But I heard it first through YouTube". She added, "Many YouTubers seem to make videos with the keyword 'Foundation Free'. It's amazing but sad that these words came into being".

As such, beauty trends are changing due to the prolonged wearing of masks. Jang Mi-hye, a senior researcher at the Korea Women's Policy Institute, said, "Now make-up has lost a lot of meaning for women. Not only in terms of make-up but also other areas such as travel and group gatherings, which were popular pursuits but have all shrunk in demand as safety concerns have increasingly overwhelmed everything".

In fact, 'Foundation Free' is a newly coined term that expresses beauty without make-up which in a sense is a criticism of lookism. Cosmetics have been used to make people look neat and attractive. However, the COVID-19 situation makes it mandatory for people to wear a mask and show a natural look themselves through foundation-free make-up. People also like to show off and reveal themselves. But as safety becomes so important, nowadays, people are becoming less dependent on make-up. This is very interesting, and we can see our society taking a step away from lookism.

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