The Era of 4th Industrial Revolution
The Era of 4th Industrial Revolution
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[Infographic = By repoter, Kim Eun-seo] Types of the 4th industrial society
[Infographic = By repoter, Kim Eun-seo] Types of the 4th industrial society


Information technology (IT) is geometrically evolving. The Fourth Industrial era is very close to our lives because of the recent COVID-19. Especially, as humans become more isolated in society, IT technology suitable for the current social situation is gaining attention. Examples of these technologies are video-conferencing platforms and digital financial services. These technologies are possible only when IT technologies are supported.

It is a fact that no one can predict, but many experts expect that such an era with various viruses will continue. The era will likely be named the Post-COVID-19 era. In interviews with Seowon University students, the ideas of futuristic and imaginable skills varied. They mentioned technologies that could be possible in the future world such as televisions or videos that could smell incense, treatments without side effects, and robots that do dangerous work instead of humans.

The Seowon News interviewed Kim Bong-hyun, a professor of Computer Engineering, to comment on the possibility of future technologies mentioned above. Professor Kim said, “Currently, miniaturized precision medical devices including mic-robot can only be used to treat or monitor patients. However, if nano-scale ultra-small devices are developed, they can accurately treat targeted symptoms and reduce after effects pain by going through microscopic passages such as blood vessels.”

He also said that most sensory sensors are currently limited in audio and visual abilities. To upgrade artificial intelligence services that interact with humans in the future, he explained that the development of five sensory sensors is necessary. “It requires the development of sensory receptors with materials that respond to biochemical reactions such as pressure-sensitive materials, nano-structure materials, and graphene. And technology should be applied that can transform accepted signals into electrical and optical signals and process them”, he added.

In addition, in the future, he expects new WindShield technology on cars to be operational soon. WindShield is an augmented reality that provides content through transparent displays, and uses an avatar service in the form of holograms. Moreover, he predicted that smart factories, smart farms, and smart cities will be upgraded as various Internet of Things (IoT) systems are developed. This will be achieved through technologies such as energy self-generation and ultra-low-power device designs.

When The Seowon News asked how students can prepare for the advanced society of the future, he replied that even if times and circumstances change, you should have a lifelong attitude of learning. If you have this passion, you will be able to stand up to whatever society unfolds in the future. Therefore, you have to develop your ability to understand yourself and work on self-improvement, be ready to confront machines as human beings, be open minded to create new values for creative convergence ability, and to be courageous and confident as you take on new challenges.

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