Nonface-to-face Travel, How Should We Look at It?
Nonface-to-face Travel, How Should We Look at It?
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[Infographic = By reporter, Yang Seung-hui] Untact trip
[Infographic = By reporter, Yang Seung-hui] Untact trip


Non-face-to-face travel, which can be experienced online, has recently become very popular with people. The way to do non-face-to-face travel is by ‘choo experience,’ a way that people can indirectly travel through other’s travelling photos or videos. They can ‘window swap’ and share the interior and exterior landscapes they see on social media through Virtual Reality (VR).

Non-face-to-face travel is getting a lot of attention from people because they can simply go. All they need is to be connected to a local area network (LAN). There are no time and space constraints. It sounds great but one must ask, does this non-face-to-face travel really have only positive aspects?

Non-face-to-face travel can make humans satisfied with VR as a replacement for physical reality because it fulfills travel and adventure needs mentally. This can lead to the phenomenon of maladjustment in reality because users become trapped in addiction to VR. Furthermore, it can make a reality where people do not need to talk to each other by relying too much on the virtual world. Eventually, the lack of communication leads to the disconnection of relationships with others, causing people to become more timid. In other words, it can lead to human alienation and isolation.

Because people feel vicariously satisfied through online non-face-to-face travel, it is attracting a lot of attention from modern people who do not have the time and money to travel physically. However, if people pursue only the positive aspects of non-face-to-face travel and ignore the negative aspects, they may unknowingly fall into the virtual world and become disconnected from the real world.

It is important that we look at non-face-to-face travel carefully and consider both positive and negative aspects. Virtual Reality is here to stay, so it is necessary that people are very critical about how to manage non-face-to-face-travel in a balanced and healthy manner without becoming disconnected with reality.

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