Let's Look into Seowon Department
Let's Look into Seowon Department
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Learn about Seowon University's New Department of Counseling Psychology
[Picture] Lee Ji-hye professor
[Picture] Lee Ji-hye professor

The more rapidly society changes, the more psychological problems modern people experience. So, the need for counseling and psychology experts is increasing. Accordingly, Seowon University is planning to establish a counseling psychology department next year to strengthen the competitiveness of the university, and to train experts in counseling psychology in order to contribute and improve the mental health of Koreans.

The Seowon News interviewed Professor Lee Ji-hye, a representative of the Educational Innovation Institute who is establishing plans of the Counseling Psychology department, to know more about the Counseling Psychology department.


The Seowon News (SN): What is the advantage of Seowon University’s Counseling Psychology department, and what makes it different from other universities?

Lee Ji-hye (LJH): The curriculum is organized so that students can have professional knowledge and skills. There will be a faculty of counseling experts that will provide a foundation for practicing counseling psychology theory by operating a local network-based practical course. Also, we will open a detailed track for students to obtain a certification related to counseling psychology. They will have support for gaining employment by working with a responsible professor system for each track.


SN: People are worried that Artificial intelligence (AI) will replace many jobs in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Please explain why AI can’t replace psychological counselors.

LJH: In line with the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, psychotherapy programs using smartphones have been developed, and cases of psychological treatment through interactive AI agents have been reported steadily. Partial curative effects have been validated, but it is difficult to completely replace the role of a counselor. This is because human thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are sometimes too complex, sensitive, and careful to predict.


SN: What kind of students need to enter the Counseling Psychology department?

LJH: We want students who are interested in humans and have an open mind for others, students who are always trying to understand and accept themselves; students who sympathize with other people’s pain; and students who have a positive attitude toward life and a healthy mind. Those are the kind of students who should enter.


SN: Is there anything you want to say to the students who will enter the Counseling Psychology department?

LJH: Counseling Psychology is a practical study that applies the knowledge of psychology and is revealed through human behavior research. Also, it is an altruistic professional field that provides counseling and psychotherapy services to people in need based on empirical and clinical study. Therefore, any student interested in the change and growth of the human mind can apply to the Counseling Psychology department.


Lastly, she added, “If you are a student with a high level of empathy and a warm heart, you can feel more enjoyment in studying Counseling Psychology. Choose the Counseling Psychology department at Seowon University without hesitation”.

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