Flight without Destination
Flight without Destination
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Recently, many airlines have launched a new travel package called ‘Flying without Destination’. ‘Flight without Destination’ signifies a flight that travels through a certain route without a particular destination in mind and then returns to the original starting point. The Seowon News interviewed Ju Shin-ok, a professor of the Department of Airline Service to hear professional opinions about it.

She said, “If the aircraft is on the ground, parking fees and various costs will be incurred, and finally it will lead to financial problems for the Airline”, “I believe that is why such travel packages have been released so that airlines and consumers can mutually benefit.”

Although overseas travel is not allowed due to entry restrictions, you can purchase flight tickets for business or first class at a relatively low price. It is a way to enjoy air travel itself and not just as a means of transportation. You can still enjoy the feeling of travelling by getting an airline amenity kit or through the enjoyment of in-flight meals. In addition, as the Korea Customs Service announced that they would positively consider using duty-free shops at airports or in-flight duty-free services, it is expected that the pleasure of travel will be further enhanced.

She also mentioned, “As The International Air Transport Association expects the full recovery of the global air travel system will take at least three to five years, I think the survival of airlines by then will be a very important key issue”. Currently, consumers are travelling domestically because of COVID-19, but it is expected that demand for travelling abroad will increase dramatically if COVID-19 ends.

As a result, financially stable airlines are expected to see rapid growth after the end of COVID-19. In addition, seats are expected to incorporate antibacterial agents as well as utilize isolation functions in order to prevent infectious disease like COVID-19.  Starting with the launch of ‘Flight without Destination’, the attention of people is focussing more on the type of travel trends that will emerge in the future.

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