Is the Seowon University Campus Hub Area Well Disinfected?
Is the Seowon University Campus Hub Area Well Disinfected?
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Due to the uncertainty as to whether the number of COVID-19 infectees may surge, an important question worth considering is to ask "Is the quarantine process in the hub around the Seowon University campus going well?"

The Seowon News inspected areas around Seowon University to find out more about this situation. In 'Bonggu Beer', one of the local bars, a hand sanitizer is equipped at the entrance. A shopkeeper said he would disinfect the entire bar as soon as he got to work prior to opening. Also, places where there is a lot of human contact, such as tables and chairs, are disinfected from time to time. One of the tteokbokki restaurants is regularly ventilated by washing dishes at over 200 degrees Celsius in boiling water.

In the case of the 'Alpha' stationery store, which students visit when they need supplies or writing equipment, they begin with an overall disinfection of the store. However, the owner said that it is hard to disinfect everything one by one.

'EDIYA', a local café, is frequently sterilized in the areas where there is a lot of contact with customers. In addition, a thermometer and hand sanitizer are installed to allow guests to disinfect themselves and take their own temperature. Also, the café broadcasts COVID-19 prevention rules every 30 minutes. The EDIYA shopkeeper said this café was selected as the best quarantine company in Cheong-ju.

With the spread of COVID-19, the stores in the area around Seowon University, which provide services for many university students, are all going through a hard time. It is even more economically difficult than a typical vacation season as a vacation season is factored into the costs of running a business unlike the situation caused by COVID-19. All are in a difficult situation because of COVID-19. It is time for everyone to pay attention to preventive measures, and everyone should make an effort to help overcome the difficult situation.

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