Will Korea Be Safe from Rising Sea Levels?
Will Korea Be Safe from Rising Sea Levels?
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According to the World Meteorological Organization, the Earth's temperature is constantly rising. In addition, the average global temperature from 2015 to 2019 was the highest measured in a five-year period so far. As the temperature has continued to rise, glaciers have melted, and the sea levels have risen steadily. Data from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) shows that the average global sea level has risen by 90mm since it was first measured in January 1993. With this data in mind, will Korea remain safe from rising sea levels?

The Korea Hydrographic and Oceanographic Agency (KHOA) said the acceleration of rising sea levels on the southern and eastern coasts has increased faster over the past decade. Jeju Island showed the steepest rise in sea levels at 4.26mm per year, followed by the Eastern, Western, and Southern Seas. Based on this, Jeju Island's Seo-gwi-po Yong-meo-ri Coast Tour Guide noted that if the sea level rises more than 50cm by 2050, this tourist route will remain underwater forever.

In an observation of this issue, Lee Eun-il of the KHOA announced that the Korean sea level will rise by 2.97cm by 2030 based on past data. It seems to be a relatively small amount, but it has the potential to cause enormous damage to South Korea.

Human beings cannot prevent natural disasters. However, preventive measures can reduce the damage caused by natural disasters. The Seoul Metropolitan Office of Environmental Policy said that it is analyzing flood-risk areas caused by rising sea levels and that more headquarters and new reservoirs will be introduced in 2022. It also stated that coastal disaster prevention forests will be built around the coast of Gang-seo-gu.

New environmental problems are always emerging. Even though people know the importance of the environment, they often forget about it in their daily lives. Of course, individual efforts are important, but when these efforts come together, they will create greater synergy. Hopefully, more people will be interested in environmental issues, and in turn we will be able to better protect the planet.

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