‘Car Camping’ Gain Popularity During COVID-19 Era
‘Car Camping’ Gain Popularity During COVID-19 Era
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In August 2020, only 8,888 people traveled to other countries, down 96.3% from August 2019,  thus many people cannot go on a trip this year. Hence the term ‘Untact Trip’ evolved. ‘Untact’ is a new expression that refers to non-face-to-face and non-contact methods.

As a result, trips that are not constrained by space such as ‘Chabak’ are now receiving much attention. ‘Chabak’, also called ‘Trunk Camping’, means to spend a day in the car. There are no restrictions on time and place, all you need is a car. The good thing about this trip is you can leave without much preparation.

These days, people are reluctant to contact people because of COVID-19. So, they enjoy camping in their cars and spending time looking at the sea.

A student who experienced this type of trip said, “It was a bit narrow and uncomfortable to sleep in the car. It was an unusual experience.” She was relieved that it was a relatively safe trip because she did not come into contact with people, and she felt very comfortable because she did not have to wear a mask. It was also possible for her to eat in the car and look at the sea at the same time. In addition, she is looking forward to the day when she can go on normal trips again without having to worry about wearing masks.

But there are also those who are critical of untact trips. Another student said, “I like the untact trip, and I understand the desire to go on a trip, but if we all suppress going on these trips together, everyone can enjoy going on normal trips again, not untact trips.”

Referring to the fact that there were COVID-19 infected cases at the camping facility, she said earlier, “Untact trips cannot be considered safe. As the government restricts traveling, we must try to follow and endure the safety precautions together.”

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