The Tangled
The Tangled
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A Disney Movie That Parallels Life With COVID-19
(Distributor - Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures) Movie Tangled poster
(Distributor - Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures) Movie Tangled poster


What comes to your mind when you think of the movie Tangled? Perhaps a princess trapped in a castle who has very long shiny blond hair will come to mind. We can also relate to Rapunzel’s story in our lives because of COVID-19. Our daily lives are being altered, and we feel like we are trapped in a castle.

Tangled is a story about a princess named Rapunzel, who finds her destiny by escaping from Gothel. Gothel, the mother, is a wicked crone that kidnapped Rapunzel trapped her in a castle and stole her special healing powers to stay young. But why do we not think about stories like this? Think about the castle as our home, and Gothel as COVID-19. In the movie Tangled, Gothel sings Mother Knows Best. The song tells Rapunzel that she is weak and incapable of doing anything. It repeatedly brainwashes Rapunzel to want her mother’s protection, causing Rapunzel to doubt herself. She suffers a psychological conflict because of this, questioning her own limitations. But even with Gothel’s actions, Rapunzel realizes her fate and paves her way. In the end, she boldly cuts off her hair, which glows and has the power to make people stay young. Like us fearing COVID-19 and wanting to be free, Rapunzel wanted to get out of her situation.

Rapunzel was trapped in a castle for 18 years because of her step-mother. But she escapes from the castle and moves forward and eventually finds her dream. For us, the COVID-19 came up unexpectedly forcing us to spend a lot of time at home. Why not take this time as an opportunity to think and invest in the future instead of staying home alone doing nothing?

Thoughts can be controlled by the person who thinks them. COVID-19 is a crisis that is shaking not only me but also everyone’s lives. Therefore, let us accept the situation of COVID-19 and view this experience as an opportunity rather than a crisis. One of Tangled’s most famous lines is this, “You get to go find a new dream.” That means, if you cannot achieve something that you want, you can find another dream. When feeling frustrated or low remember, this too shall pass.

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