COVID-19 Causes the Cosmetics Industry to Change
COVID-19 Causes the Cosmetics Industry to Change
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[Infographic = By reporter, Jang Si-won] A circular graph shows the percentage of point make-up
[Infographic = By reporter, Jang Si-won] A circular graph shows the percentage of point make-up


The long-term use of masks has cast a shadow over the cosmetics industry. In the cosmetics industry, the use of color cosmetics is rapidly decreasing and as a result, the cosmetics industry is changing accordingly. To find out the current state of cosmetics industries, The Seowon News interviewed Sung Eun-jung, a researcher in the area of tone makeup.


The Seowon News (SN): What do you do as a researcher?

Sung Eun-jung (SEJ): Color cosmetics researchers mostly focus on colorwork and mixing colors. At the same time, we communicate with brand marketing managers who are customers and develop new products and textures that they want. In addition, we modify the samples proposed by the brand company. Researchers also go to the site and conduct pilot tests to coordinate the quality of products produced in the factories. Also, experimental samples to launch products are made by the researchers.


SN: If cosmetics in the past focused on colors, applicability, and textures, what is the focus now on?

SEJ: We are focusing on products with a matte texture, lightness, and long-lasting quality.


SN: Are there any specific products that have a change in demand? If so, what kind of product is it?

SEJ: Since mask-wearing became mandatory due to COVID-19, blushers and lipsticks that leave stains on masks are omitted from the makeup, so products related to lip and blusher are weak in sales. Products that are gaining demand and have become more popular are eye makeup products such as eyeshadow and eyeliner because the eyes aren't covered up.


SN: What is the current trend of color makeup?

SEJ: As mentioned earlier, it is mandatory to wear a mask, and when you wear a mask, you feel stuffy and sweaty, so consumers prefer light but long-lasting products. Therefore, powder products that can reduce the contact between the mask and the skin are preferred.


The current trend of point make-up being developed to work with masks. Everyone has a different desire of how to do make-up themselves. Therefore, the cosmetics industry will continue to change and develop to satisfy the needs of consumers. Likewise, as long as there are consumers, the cosmetics market still has a lot of growth potential.

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